Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Natal!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your Sun is the Lover...

Cidade de amor e ventura
Que tem mais doçura
Que uma ilusão
Cidade mais bela que o sorriso
Maior que o paraíso
Maior que a tentação
Cidade que ninguém resiste
Na beleza triste
De um samba-canção

This beautiful city is renown for its women and in particular the one from Ipanema.

But in fact the city itself is likened to a beautiful woman in many songs by her adorers. This one by Noel Rosa, a native composer of the 1930’s, praises her sweetness, beauty and sensitiveness.

The setting for the city marvelous is one befitting a beautiful woman; dazzling curves of cobalt waters that borders a ruffle of white sandy beaches all encircling verdant forest that cling to the curves of seductive hills. Whatever the inhabitants may do this city, its natural beauty cannot be obscured. By day or by night this city will take your breadth away!

…your sun is the lover of your moonlit nights…

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flying Down to Rio

Minha Alma Canta
Vejo o Rio de Janeiro
Estou morrendo de saudades ..

Tom Jobim

Rio de Janeiro is known the world round as a most beautiful city, so you might not find anything new in this blog. But there is never too much praise for this amazing city.

As Rio gets ready to host the World Cup Finals and the 2016 Summer Olympics I want to explore this fantastic place as it is and as it is becoming.

As Tom Jobim sang in his beautiful song about landing in Rio…my soul sings as I see Rio de Janeiro...